5 Types of Commercial Roofing

Any business or commercial building ought to be built in a manner to protect the property, to get the most incentive from the development cost and expenses, and the materials utilized and installed ought to be worked to last. It is provided by the expert roofers of Reconstruct Roofing And General Contracting, which is one of the experienced roofing services providers in Dallas, Fort Worth, TEXAS.

Thinking about another or new commercial roofing or supplanting one, don’t give value a chance to be the main factor you offer thoughtfulness regarding. There’s a rooftop’s sturdiness, local climate and atmosphere, stylish and aesthetic prerequisites, and desires for the support that are additionally significant also very important. 

These are the 5 most well-known kinds of commercial roofing where we figure as well as can be expected to be found. Make certain to peruse altogether and think about what you see as the most significant parts of the roofing. 

In case you’re developing another structure or arranging the substitution of an obsolete rooftop on a current structure, you must read this article before considering the commercial roofing materials:

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)

Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) roofing is usually referred to as a rubber rooftop.


  • One of the greatest focal points of an EPDM roofing is its cost, as it is one of the most reasonable roofing materials accessible. 
  • It is likewise relatively simple to introduce and is lightweight, so the rooftop deck shouldn’t be fortified. 
  • A top-notch EPDM rooftop can have a future of as long as 20 years. 
  • EPDM rooftops are generally sturdy and don’t scrape or scratch effectively. 
  • Further, however, EPDM roofing material is dark and, in this way, assimilates the warmth, it isn’t effectively harmed by UV beams and rays. 


  • In case you’re searching for a stylishly satisfying rooftop, this is presumably not the sort you need to pick. 
  • At the point when turned out on a rooftop, EPDM looks somewhat like a spread out the internal cylinder. The dark shading, which is the shading EPDM most ordinarily comes in, can include a lot of worry to your cooling frameworks since it ingests most of the sun’s beams and outside warmth. 
  • EPDM is accessible in lighter hues and colours to assist it with bettering mirror the warmth, yet choosing a lighter shading will climb up your expense by around 30%. 
  • Another disservice is EPDM rooftops are inclined to puncturing, so a hailstorm, falling branch or even a help individual with an inappropriate sort of shoes can tear an opening in your rooftop. While it’s anything but difficult to fix a cut, water can penetrate and mess major up if not fixed rapidly. 
  • Additionally, when an EPDM rooftop isn’t completely followed, water can go underneath the layer. This makes identifying the purpose of a release progressively troublesome and furthermore enables a hole to do unmistakably more harm to the basic structure.

A thermoplastic polyolefin roof(TPO)

(TPO) A thermoplastic polyolefin roof(TPO) has become a prevalent alternative, particularly among business building proprietors. 


  • Like EPDM material, TPO is one of the more modest sorts of roofing material and is, in reality, more affordable than EPDM. 
  • Since TPO is white, it mirrors the sun, in this manner lessening heat development inside your building structure. 
  • Like EPDM, TPO is lightweight and can likewise be introduced in various manners; it tends to be legitimately affixed to the roofing deck or completely clung with cement to the rooftop deck. 
  • It is likewise impervious to erosion and breakdown, isn’t inclined to green growth development or mold, and it shouldn’t be pressure washed. 


  • Surprisingly, the disadvantages of TPO material are copious. To begin with, its quality differs generally from producer to maker, so except if it originates from an exceptionally legitimate creator you truly don’t have the foggiest idea what you will get. 
  • TPO additionally arrives in a wide assortment of thicknesses, which further adds to the consistency issues related to this kind of rooftop.
  • Since the top layer of TPO roofing material is covered, feeble focuses are presented that can cause contracting, breaking, crazing and weakening. 
  • TPO rolls additionally ordinarily come in little widths, which implies there are loads of creases when they’re introduced, and this further adds to the rooftop’s shortcomings and encourages potential issues. 
  • Another worry is fire. TPO itself isn’t heatproof. Watching several recordings on YouTube will show how hazardous this material framework can be if the structure ever bursts into flames and appropriate retardants aren’t incorporated. 

Black-top OR Asphalt Rolled Roofing 

Black-top roof OR Asphalt rolled roofing is ordinarily utilized on structures with low-slant roofing. It is made out of similar materials that are utilized to make black-top shingles. 

PROS: Asphalt rolled rooftop is one of the more modest material sorts, and it is likewise a generally simple kind of rooftop to introduce. 

CONS: Asphalt moved material has a short future contrasted with different sorts of rooftops, normally enduring just around 10 years before it should be supplanted. Since this sort of material item is turned out and afterwards stayed together at the creases, issues usually create where the moves combine, which expands the need for support and fixes. It’s likewise not vitality proficient.


PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, the roofing is made out of two layers of PVC rooftop material with polyester going about as a fortification between the layers. The layers likewise incorporate added substances that make the material UV-steady and adaptable, while additionally avoiding restoring. Like EPDM and TPO, it is lightweight. 

PROS: On a level or low-slant rooftop, PVC material’s life expectancy is nearly long, and it is likewise known for its strength. PVC is also impervious to dampness, fire, wind and synthetic substances, and the warmth welding establishment process utilized with PVC rooftops makes a perpetual bond between each material sheet and keeps the creases safely together. 

CONS: There are a couple of drawbacks with PVC material. For one, it is a costly choice. PVC likewise will in general therapist after some time, which can pull the creases, lift the corners and cause spills. In chilly climate, a more established PVC rooftop is inclined to breaking and puncturing, and PVC rooftops can likewise be hard to fix, as the tourist welds utilized on another PVC rooftop don’t respond well with an old rooftop. 


A splash polyurethane froth (SPF) rooftop is produced using a type of plastic that changes from a fluid into a strength in a matter of only seconds, while additionally growing around multiple times as it dries. 

PROS: SPF material is a manageable decision that can pay for itself regarding vitality reserve funds. A decent multi-layer SPF framework, (for example, shower froth secured with layers of premium acrylic rooftop covering) has extraordinary rigidity and toughness, with an intelligent topcoat that enables building proprietors to save money on vitality costs. 

CONS: Because SPF material is the result of a substance response between two fluid mixes, it must be applied in a deliberately adjusted manner or the shower froth that outcomes won’t keep going the long haul. It can take a material contractual worker quite a while to ace the utilization of this specific framework, and particular preparing is required, too. SPF material can likewise be troublesome and costly to evacuate – which might be fundamental if not appropriately kept up.

Bottom Line: 

If you are looking for commercial roofing services in Dallas, you’re at the right place click here and know more about free quotation or roofing inspection.

How Roof Pitch Influences Your Choice of Roofing Materials

Most property holders and entrepreneurs never give any attention to their roof until an issue happens on their structure or occurring leaks somewhere. On the off chance that you’ve had an expert and experienced roofer in your local location, for example, Reconstruct Roofing and General Contracting offer roofing services in Dallas, Fort Worth zone, that is something worth being thankful for.

A roofing contractor has the responsibility to install and introduce a rooftop at your home, office, or business, and let it carry out its responsibility. Shouldn’t ponder your rooftop other than your yearly rooftop assessment, canal and gutter cleaning, or rooftop maintenance and upkeep needs. 

Notwithstanding, knowing how your rooftop works are great to know with the goal that when something requires you’ll consider, you’ll realize what to do.

“Reconstruct Roofing And General Contracting is a Top Rated Local roofing contractor, serving the northern Dallas region, including Fort Worth and Grand Prairie. In this blog entry, we’ll spread what is pitch roof, how the pitch of your rooftop can influence your home, pitch roof important, and what to consider when selecting a pitch for your roofing. 

Get in touch with us today for your free roof inspection and for pitched roofing in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas!”


A Brief Introduction: What is roofing pitch?

Rooftop pitch is the edge of your rooftop or its incline. You can consider the pitched roof as roofing ratio. For instance, 2/12 methods a rooftop that ascents two creeps for every 12 inches secured. This is viewed as a low pitch. Then again a rooftop with a proportion of 9/12, or a rooftop that ascents nine crawls for every 12 inches secured is viewed as a very steep and slant slope. Most rooftops today are someplace in the middle. 

Why Roofing Pitched Is An Important Factor?

At the point when you rebuild or reconstruct your home, you get the chance to pick the roofing pitch. This influences the general look of your home and the roof space you’ll have accessible. Roof pitch additionally influences the measure of roofing material you will require when introducing your rooftop, just as what kind of roofing material will be most appropriate to your home, office, or business.

pitched roofing in Dallas

What to think about when picking a rooftop pitch 

  1. Collection of Water and it’s Flow: 
    1. It would most likely bode well even to non-roofers that the more noteworthy your rooftop pitch, the simpler it is for water to flow and stream off, and the littler your rooftop pitch, the harder it will be for water to stream and the more water will gather on the outside of your rooftop. This is all because of the force of gravity. 
    2. A sharp rooftop is valuable in the winter to get the snow going off your rooftop. 
    3. In any case, an impediment of a high contributes rooftop terms of the water stream is the way that more weight will be put on your canals in heavy storms, for example, is run of the mill here in north Texas. 
    4. Subsequently, more extensive drains would be an ideal decision to ease pressure with a more shrill rooftop. Low-contributed rooftops territories where rain is normal regularly don’t work out quite as well since standing water over your rooftop can be a genuine issue, causing water holes and form to develop. This is the principal contention against level material frameworks.
  2. Fall leaves and different flotsam and Jetsam (Debris). 
    1. Like water above, gravity influences fall leaves, sticks, and branches when they fall on your rooftop. 
    2. Roofing with high pitches helps move the leaves and coarseness off your rooftop through sliding off or being overwhelmed. 
    3. Low-pitched rooftops with less steep points will, in general, be the ones that gather fall trash. 
    4. This can mess buildup up as leaves particularly are skilled at holding water content. 
  3. Roof Repair. 
    1. Roofing with high pitch requires too much amount of roofing material and construction materials. 
    2. Lower-pitched rooftops are commonly more affordable both to introduce and to keep up. 
  4. Roofing materials. 
    1. In the event that you have your mindset on a slate or copper rooftop, this may not be possible on the off chance that you have a high pitch rooftop. 
    2. Because of the incline and gravity, the heavier materials won’t be steady enough on a precarious edge rather than a lower edge rooftop. 
    3. Also, a few sorts of shingles don’t do well on a lower-slanted rooftop and are progressively powerless to rooftop harm.

Rooftop pitch and your rooftop 

There’s significantly more than you imagined that goes into the structure of homes and roofing. In this way, it’s significant when including an expansion to your home or office or while constructing another home or business to get suggestion and discussion with your local nearby roofer, for example, Reconstruct Roofing And General Contracting or your home manufacturer and talk about the pitch of your rooftop before development, particularly on the off chance that you have a specific roofing material as a top priority that you need. 


  1. Here at Reconstruct Roofing And General Contracting, we offer roofing services in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas, and as well as we work in both residential and business rooftop fix, roof repair, rooftop establishment, and rooftop support. 
  2. We are specialists at helping you figure out what sort of roofing material will suit your current rooftop just as what contributes to utilizing your new home or new office development. 
  3. Our quality lies in our persistent meticulousness and outstanding client care. 
  4. We treat the entirety of our clients, workers, and providers how we need to be dealt with. 
  5. We utilize just the greatest roofing materials to finish your roofing establishment in a convenient and effective way. 
  6. We judge our prosperity by consumer loyalty, and we need to get notification from you. 
  7. Tell us how we did, and in the event that we failed, we need to think about it so we can fix the issue.
  8. Our roofers have the expertise that makes us one of the best roofing company the best in the roofing business, and when you started a partnership with us for your new rooftop, you know how we are loyal to the words we said.

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Easy and Simple Tips And Tricks for Roof Leak Repair

A roof leak is definitely not something to joke around about. If left unfixed, it can cause all kinds of damage to your home, including things like interior wood rot and sheetrock damage. Plus, if it goes on for too long, the entire roof may wind up needing to be replaced or roof repair.

Your home’s rooftop, dividers and establishment are otherwise called the structure’s envelope. They are likely the most significant components of your property. In the event that the rooftop starts to spill and leak at any point, be that as it may, there are sure advances that must be placed without hesitation.

You can reduce the roof damage and cost of roof repair by following these tips. You will also see some most common reasons why roofs begin to leak.

Make A Report Of Leak Damage AreaReport the Damage

Take photographs of the leak damaged areas as you ensure your things. Take photographs from each edge inside the room. This documentation and the fully pictorial report will help the roof repair company protection agents with future roof repairs.

Concentrate on photographs of the hole itself and the harm underneath it. Try not to wander onto the rooftop or into the upper room, be that as it may. Enable the experts to cover these regions. You need enough photographs to show the harm’s degree.

Get a Container

From the minute that a roof leak enters the inside, you must limit further harm. Utilize a can or other plastic holder to catch the trickling or water drops that come and enter into your home from the roof leakage area.

Consider a couple of tips from the best roof replacement companies in Dallas, in the state by putting a cloth at the base of the holder or sticking a string to the hole’s area on the roof. Both of these proposals will coordinate the hole into the compartment without a lot of leakage outside of it.

On the off chance that you see drywall or paint bubble at the break’s area, attempt to discharge the weight by popping it. The water can unreservedly stream into the holder now.

Tell Your Insurance Company ABout The Roof Leak

Try not to stop for a second to contact the insurance agency. They reserve a privilege to think about any harms. Notwithstanding whether it’s secured or not, it must be a piece of the property’s protection history. Much of the time, the insurance agency will send an agent out to the property. The individual in question will look at the harm and make a fixed quote.

With regards to dynamic releases, the insurance agency generally reacts with a crisis visit. Managing the leak damage ass quickly as time permits will limit the expense for all gatherings.

Pick a Reputable Roof Repair Company

Your picked contractual worker ought to be authorized, insured and attached to chip away at rooftops and in your local areas. This roofing contractor reacts to the entirety of your calls and online questions. A decent method to know whether you’ve picked the correct roof repair contractor is by visiting its office. Each legitimate roofer will have a changeless office for organization purposes. Keep away from any organization that professes to work out of a vehicle.

The roofer will work intimately with your protection operator so as to cover the entirety of the vital fixes. As a policyholder, you shouldn’t need to go about as a broker. The roofing contractor and agent complete the work to stop any further holes.

Move and Cover the Item Beneath The Leakage Area

In a perfect world, move whatever number of individual things from the leak area as could be expected under the circumstances. Books, hardware and other little things may be incidentally put in another room. For enormous things, including the furnishings, get a canvas or plastic sheet. Shower liners may be an alternative on the off chance that you use blinds in the washroom.

Spread the huge things with the goal that they don’t get immersed. They might be somewhat wet as of now, however covering them stops any further harm. Spread the floor also. On the off chance that water can douse into a thing, it ought to be secured however much as could reasonably be expected.

Most Common Reasons for a Roof Leak

Exposure to the Elements: regardless of where you live, there is going to be wind, rain, sleet or snow that can cause leaking roofs. The wind is one of the most common causes of a damaged roof as it can easily tear several shingles from the roof at once.

Inadequate Construction: Unfortunately, it is common to have a roof leak due to the negligence of a contractor. If the shingles are not installed correctly, it can result in several leaks as well as damage to the exterior and interior of your home.

Overfull Gutters: A blocked gutter causes the water to back up, push under the shingles and eventually damage the shingles. It is recommended that your gutters be cleaned at least before the beginning of each new season to avoid a buildup of leaves and debris that ultimately damage the roof.

Damaged Fixtures: Some of the most common sources of a roof leak are damaged fixtures on or near the roof. Chimneys, vents and skylights can all cause a leaky roof and if the damages are not repaired as soon as possible, it can lead to more extensive damage.



Though it seems unlikely, gutters can actually cause leaks. When they do not drain properly, water gets behind them and then rots the fascia and soffit away from the roof, eventually allowing possible leaks.


Rake fleshings are placed along with the pitch of the roof, protecting it from water entering the home at the point where both sides of the roof meet. One common-place for a leak to occur with this type of flashing is where it overlaps the eave flashing.


The eave flashing sits along the edges of the eave. If the flashing becomes damaged, missing or no longer securely sealed, water can get behind it and leak into the roof.


The valley flashing is used to prevent a roof leak at the points where two different roofs meet together. This type of flashing has to be wide enough to keep water from entering the vapour barrier and further.


There is the metal seal around the edges of where the chimney meets the roof. Located beneath the shingles, it can sometimes become bent or not sealed properly.

This is usually because they are not sealed properly or not sealed at all. Pay close attention when installing them to the manufacturer’s guidelines for preventing roof leaks.

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2019 Roofing Material List – Roofing Types to Consider for Your Home

Roofing your house once in a while rates high on the rundown of fun and exciting home redesigning activities. Be that as it may, when your home builds up a release, your demeanour may take a sharp turn. Abruptly, the possibility of a dry, firmly fixed house starts to look appealing.

Reconstruct Roofing and General Contracting is one of the leading roofing company in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas which offer all types of roofing materials whether you’re looking for tile roofing or metal roofing just drop your query we will get back to you. 

Picking the Correct Roofing Material

There are numerous kinds of roofing materials to look over, and a smidgen of investigating may lead you to consider another sort of material instead of basically supplanting with a similar material you presently have. Picking the correct roofing materials necessitates that you gauge appearance, life span, cost, and basic issues. 

Here are 5 conceivable outcomes or roofing materials to think about when it comes time to supplant your rooftop.

Rolled Roofing

Rolled roofing material is the backbone of low-incline private rooftops just as out-structures like shops and sheds and other utilitarian structures. Rolled material comprises of long moves of mineral-impregnated black-top impregnated material bested with mineral granules. Each roll is around 100 square feet of material, around 3 feet wide. 

These enormous configuration portions of slight roofing materials offer a quick, helpful, and economical approach to cover a slanted rooftop building like a workshop where appearances aren’t significant. Rolled material can be applied either with the light down a technique or with material nails. 

Rolled material is generally economical, costing $1.50 to $2.50 per square foot, introduced. Rolled material keeps going, overall, around 10 years before it should be supplanted. Click here for the rolled roofing contractor.

Built-up roofing (BUR)

Built-up roofing (BUR) is probably the most established alternative for material for flat rooftops or rooftops that are low in pitch. BUR frameworks are developed with a few layers of the material felt impregnated with black-top that is applied hot. The felt is applied in covering layers to shape an obstruction two to four layers thick, at that point a layer of finely crushed stones are installed in hot tar over the top to make a truly tough and invulnerable rooftop. 

Built-up roofing (BUR) rooftops ordinarily cost $2.50 to $5.00 per square foot, introduced. Industry reviews demonstrate that an appropriately introduced BUR rooftop can last 20 to 30 years.

Membrane Roofing

Another decision for a level or extremely low-pitched rooftops is a membrane rooftop. There are a few sorts of the membrane that can be utilized, including: 

  • Neoprene (polychloroprene) 
  • EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) 
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride) 
  • Chlorinated polyethene and chloro-sulfonated polyethene sheets 
  • Polymer-adjusted bitumens 

Probably the best membrane is EPDM. EPDM is an engineered roofing material frequently alluded to as “elastic material.” It is like moved black-top material in that it is applied in enormous sheets that point of confinement the number of creases where water can penetrate. 

Expenses for a membrane rooftop run from $3 to $4 per square foot, introduced. Life expectancy is ordinarily 20 to 35 years when the rooftop is appropriately kept up.

Asphalt composite shingles

Asphalt composite shingles are the most famous roofing material in North America. Produced using a fibreglass base beat with black-top and mineral granules, these three-tab shingles are an inside and out great decision for most home material needs. They regularly accompany a 20-to 30-year guarantee, and supplanting individual shingles that are harmed is a genuinely simple activity. Essentially every material organization knows about introducing these singles. Asphalt shingles exceed expectations at flexing and adjusting to a rooftop’s developments because of extension and compression. 

Costs go from $1.50 to $3.50 per square foot, introduced. Contingent upon the nature of the shingles and the conditions, the life expectancy of the rooftop can run from 12 to 30 years.

Click here and get a quick and free quotation for roofing services whether you’re looking for texas tile roofing or metal roofing just drop your query we will get back to you with all kinds of roofing materials. 

What to know Before Selecting Residential or Commercial Roofers in Fort Worth TX

Tired of hiring a roofer that promises a lot yet underdelivers?

Been there!

Picking roofers in fort worth tx is confusing at best and costly at worst. Additionally, most cities and states have hundreds of roofing companies that say the exact same thing. How can someone make a choice when they are all identical?

Plus, there are many aspects that need to be considered. For instance, what is the cost, how long will the project take, can they be trusted when no one is watching, etc.

There are 4 tips every home and building owner should know when deciding on roofers in fort worth tx.

Before getting into the 4 tips, be aware of the consequences of your choices. Contractors come in two categories: ethical or unethical. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a middle ground. They can do a poor job, leave without a warranty, and never be heard of again. See what happens when this couple chooses the wrong couple.

A poor roof job can leave worse issues than before and cost thousands in repairs. Before choosing, do some research. Also, check your roof so you know the roofing issues at hand. This leads to the first point.

Does The Roofing Contractor Have Good Reviews?

No matter the service, a good company has great reviews. In fact, it takes five minutes to check a business’s Google Reviews. The more reviews, the better. The more five-star reviews they have, the better the company. Also, it doesn’t hurt to ask a roofer if they are willing to provide references. A good contractor’s past clients will jump at the chance.

Are They Local?

Believe it or not, this makes a difference. A phone call is good, but being able to visit a physical location provides accountability. Even if the company isn’t based in your city, it should have some type of physical location.

Also, the closer the roofer, the sooner they get to your building or residence. Building owners shouldn’t have to wait for days before their contractor can fix a problem. 

Are they licensed, bonded, and insured?

This seems like a no brainer, but you would be surprised how many people go with a risky roofer.

Let’s say that a worker falls off the roof and gets injured. It is important that there be workers’ comp insurance in place to pay for medical bills. Not only do workers need to be covered, but the job needs to be covered too. What happens if a contractor leaves the roof in a mess? You want them to pay for that, not you.

Also, is the company even licensed to do the roof? Not only should they have a business license, but they also need a state license. If the roofer isn’t licensed, there is a good chance he or she isn’t bonded and doesn’t have insurance. Dealing with insurance leads to the last point.

Will They Work With Insurance to Cover Storm Damage?

A home or building owner may have storm damage and not even know it. In fact, a good roofing company will have a specialist or two that inspects a roof for storm damage. Not only is it good marketing for the roofing business, but the homeowner or building owner can have his or her roof covered.

Why pay for your roof when you don’t have to?

All of these tips are all related. A good roofing contractor has the steps in place to provide you with great service. Do the research, find a local roofing company, and choose wisely. Your home or office is one of your greatest investments.

8 Essential Tips On Choosing The Right Roofing Contractor

The biggest obstacle homeowners face when looking to fix or replace their roof is choosing the right person to do the job. After a damaging storm, they need to quickly get back to normal and perform the necessary roofing repairs. But that doesn’t mean they should just choose the first contractor who knocks on their door.

Finding a contractor who is trustworthy, honest, and professional may sound difficult – but that’s where you come in.

Reconstruct Roofing and General Contracting is one of the leading Roofing contractor companies in Grand Prairie which shares their tips with homeowners to show them that your company is reputable and can be trusted to protect their home and their wallet.

Tips for Choosing a Roofing Contractor

Get local referrals. There is less chance of potential issues or scams when you choose a contractor from your community. They are more familiar with local rules and code regulations and have a relationship with area crews and suppliers.

Look for manufacturer designations. Manufacturer designations are considered a badge of honor because the contractor must pass certain minimum requirements to be factory-certified (although, some manufacturers have more stringent requirements than others). 

Get an extensive warranty.

  • Not all contractors can offer manufacturer warranties that include coverage of the contractor’s workmanship.
  • If a contractor installs the roof incorrectly, it may take months or years for the damage to show up—and insurance won’t pay for it.
  • If the contractor won’t fix it (or worse, has gone out of business), your only recourse is to pay for their mistake yourself.

Be concerned about safety. A contractor without a training or safety program may not be the best person for your job. 

Check for proper licensing and insurance.

  • The contractor should have insurance for all employees and subcontractors and be able to provide a copy of their insurance certificate for validation.
  • Not having adequate insurance could potentially lead to litigation between a contractor and homeowner if a roofing employee sustains an injury at the home.
  • Most states require licensing for contractors, but that does not stop unlicensed contractors from attempting to do the roofing work.
  • In states where licenses are required, make sure your contractor provides you with a copy of their license and confirm their status online. 

Handle your own claim. A contractor who says they are “a claim specialist” or can “handle your insurance claim” may be breaking the law.

In most states, it is illegal for contractors to act on behalf of the homeowner when negotiating an insurance claim. Any contractor who opens the door to potential legal action is not acting in your best interest.

Don’t give in to pressure.

  • Watch out for a contractor who pressures you to sign a contract before the insurance company has estimated the damage.
  • Some contractors say they can work with whatever your insurance company settles upon, however, the homeowner needs to ensure it’s not just any amount, but the right amount.
  • The contractor should thoroughly examine the home and check that their insurance adjuster didn’t miss any damages.

Know your material choices. A contractor who does not offer you different shingle options is not looking out for your best interest. The style and color of the shingles you install can affect the resale value of your home.

If the insurance company is paying for a new roof, it may be the perfect time to make a change and upgrade to a more unique style that suits your taste.

GAF contractors can offer extensive design and color choices for your home. Check out the choices now so you’re ready. Knowledge is power.

Easy Gutter Cleaning Tips That Can Save Your Life 2019

Easy Gutter Cleaning Tips That Can Save Your Life

In the event that all the building owners and offices directors realized the correct method to wipe out their rooftop drains, there would be fewer wounds and passings and far less property harm.

Fall is the season when gutters are gotten out in anticipation of the stormy or frigid season ahead. 

On the off chance that the water doesn’t stream appropriately through the drain and downspout framework, exorbitant fixes can include water harm or solidify. 

It’s a great opportunity to get out those obstructed drains and to do it securely. 

Practice Ladder Safety 

  • Continuously let somebody realize you will utilize a stepping stool to chip away at your structure’s rooftop or canals. 
  • Use a sheltered and durable stepping stool, ideally one with a little rack sufficiently able to hold a five-gallon container to gather drain flotsam and jetsam, and make a point to protect the basin with a cord. 
  • A four-legged advance stepping stool is useful for a solitary story structure, and an expansion stepping stool is perfect for a two-story or taller office. 
  • A plantation stepping stool isn’t suggested on the grounds that there are just three legs for help and they can wind up uneven. 
  • A wooden stepping stool is additionally not prescribed in light of the fact that they are regularly unstable and hard to securely adjust. 
  • Fiberglass stepping stools appear to be the sturdiest, but on the other hand, are the heaviest. 
  • On the off chance that you are cleaning drains for quite a long time upon hours, muscle weakness can set in from moving the substantial stepping stool on various occasions. 
  • If so, you should take a stab at utilizing an aluminum stepping stool, which is the subsequent option alternative for quality and backing. 
  • Examine the stepping stool for deformities, imprints or free parts before climbing. 
  • In the event that your stepping stool is attached together with screws and fasteners, ensure all parts are fixed. 
  • When opening up a stage stepping stool, ensure the expansion pivot arms are completely broadened and secured

Protect Your Hands 

  • Gloves can help ensure hands against grimy, spoiling leaf flotsam and jetsam that regularly contain fowl, pigeon and squirrel droppings that are ridden with microscopic organisms. 
  • Gloves can likewise keep difficult cuts from the torn metal shards of an old, worn-out the drain. 
  • Cotton gloves can absorb filthy water that opens the skin to microorganisms. 
  • Calfskin gloves are not as flexible and will in general shrink up when they dry subsequent to cleaning. 
  • Elastic gloves can get jabbed or torn by metal shards in the canal. 
  • Thick, calfskin glove material is prescribed in light of the fact that it is better than cotton, slim cowhide or elastic gloves. 

Protect Your Eyes 

Eye assurance is an absolute necessity since one never recognizes what may fly out of the downspout when cleaning drains.

Individuals have encountered rodents, winged creatures, frogs, wasps and honey bees leaving at high speeds once they start expelling a stop up, and the exact opposite thing they need to have happened is eye damage.

Consider Rubber Shoes

If walking on the roof is necessary to perform gutter cleaning, it is good to use rubber-soled shoes. Rubber soles tend to adhere to the best and prevent slip-and-fall incidents.

Rooftops tend to be moist in the morning, so it is best to walk on the roof after the sun is well up in the sky and has dried up all the moisture. Late mornings or early afternoons are the best times to walk on a roof.

Gutter repair: Essential Gutter Maintenance and Repair Tips

As the leaves start to fall in Dallas which creates critical problems for rooftop as they fall on the roof they fill the gutter hose and in this case, the gutter needs a repair and cleaning service.

In this article, I am writing about an essential gutter repair maintenance for rooftop still if you are not able to apply these tips, hire some professional they will do that for you at affordable prices. Such as Reconstruct Roofing and General Contracting is one of the leading roofing company in Dallas.

In any case, without legitimate support, drains will make you come back to your pocket frequently in an offer to fix them. 

All things considered, keeping your drains in amazing condition ought to be among your top home support needs. 

Moreover, well-kept up drains not just guarantee that your home stays safe during tempests and substantial precipitation, yet additionally avert auxiliary issues, for example, shape and nuisance. 

Poor drain upkeep brings about the perfect condition that advances issues, for example, stopping up and spilling. 

While cleaning and support of canals may sound troublesome and repetitive, it is a moderately clear procedure once you figure out how to do it effectively. 

In the event that you are not happy with adjusting on a stepping stool, you can generally employ an expert canal upkeep organization to carry out the responsibility. 

Try not to let your minor canal fixes snowball into something much more terrible. Spare yourself some issues by learning these basic drain upkeep tips.

Repairing and Maintaining Your Gutters

#Safety First

Before you embark on cleaning your gutters, ensure that you have all the necessary safety equipment. You will need a pair of heavy work gloves to protect your hands, non-slip shoes, and safety goggles.

Next, you will need a tall enough ladder. Ensure that you place it on an even surface to prevent rocking. If possible, have someone below you to ensure the ladder stays in its place.

While on the ladder, make sure that your hips are always between the rails, while never leaning on the sides or working on the topmost two steps.

If your gutters are more than a story high or there are power lines nearby, it is best to call a gutter professional to avoid unnecessary risks.

#Regularly Cleaning Your Gutters

Regular gutter maintenance increases the lifespan of gutters, thus ensuring your home’s exterior stays immaculate for longer as well.

The rule of thumb when it comes to gutter maintenance is to inspect and clean them at least twice a year, especially during autumn and spring.

Nonetheless, that is not set in stone, and there are instances where you might need to perform maintenance more often.

For example, people who live in rainy areas should perform maintenance more regularly since the susceptibility of the gutters to clogging is high.

The following are some gutter cleaning tips.

  • Using gloved hands and a plastic shovel, remove debris from the gutter and dump it into a bucket.
  • Use a garden hose with a spray nozzle to clean out the remaining dirt and debris.

Once you are on the other end away from the downspout, open the hose flush so that the leftover debris can drain down the spout.

  • If the water is not draining, chances are the downspout is clogged
  • Insert your garden hose into the spout and spray the nozzle at full pressure.

The stream should dislodge the blockage. If it doesn’t, you might need to use something such as the plumber’s snake tool to reach the clogged material and dislodge it.

  • Reattach and tighten any pieces that were loosened or removed when working on the downspout.
  • Reattach the spray nozzle to the hose and flush the gutters one more time.4

#Clear Your Roof

Always remember to be safe when scaling such heights. Also, never go to the rood when it is ice, wet, or when there are strong winds. If the weather is ideal, scale the roof and use a rake to remove leaves and other debris.

#Check for Rust, Leaks, and Holes

After you are done cleaning the gutters, do not forget to inspect them. This will involve looking for signs of rust and leaks. Also, check out the gutter joints.

If you spot any holes, embark on patching them up using metal flashing or a gutter patching kit that you can get at a home improvement store.

If it is the joints that are leaking, or the holes are tiny, consider applying a sealant as well as caulking the joints.

However, if you notice rust, it means that your gutters have reached the end of their lifespan. They need to be replaced. Consider switching to gutters made of aluminum, copper, or vinyl as they don’t rust.

#Check the Downspouts

You will also need to perform the same inspection on your downspouts. Therefore, check for leaks and rust, as well as clogging. Also, ensure that they extend several feet away from your home so they do not drain water too close to your foundation.

#Eliminate Pests and Rodents

There are several kinds of pests and small animals that might have made your gutters their home. This is a problem for you for so many reasons.

One, their nests will definitely cause you a clogging problem. Secondly, they are likely to find their way into your home, resulting in a pest infestation.

Thirdly, rodents will attract snakes, and you might find yourself dealing with a slithery problem.

Once clogged, the collected water can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, adding to your problems. Eliminating pests is something best left for pest control experts.

Coming face to face with a snake or even bees is not something you want while you’re over 10 feet up a ladder.

#Update Your Gutter

While most gutter maintenance focuses on functionality, you stand to dramatically boost your curb appeal by updating your current gutters. If you are on a budget, consider going for aluminum gutters.

They do not rust, can be painted, have a long lifespan, and are cost-effective.

Nonetheless, you cannot install them yourself. Have a professional do it for you.

Proper Gutter Maintenance Goes a Long Way

Gutter maintenance is among the most overlooked home maintenance projects. Nevertheless, one can be forgiven since they can’t tell the state of the gutter while looking down from below.

However, without proper care, you will find yourself potentially looking at a host of avoidable issues such as clogging, mold, pests, and more.

With proper care and maintenance, however, you will have functional gutters that look good, boosting your home’s exterior.

Would you like some help taking care of your gutters?

Reconstruct Roofing and General Contracting has been helping residents of Dallas, with their home improvement projects. 

Contact us today and let us help you.

Best Roofing Repair: An Investment to Consider This Fall

Roofing repair expenses can some of the time be very steep, particularly for bigger homes and those with rooftops in poor condition.

A homeowner with a more established home may much think about whether those rooftop fix expenses merit the speculation for them, or on the off chance that they’re essentially discarding cash on a home they may sell in the end or that necessities different fixes too.  

While each homeowner needs to settle on their own choice about rooftop fix costs for their home and on the off chance that they ought to put resources into those expenses for a house that is quite a long while old, you may take note of some indispensable data about the benefits of rooftop fix or another rooftop establishment.

Roofing Repairs – Replace or Fix Leaky Roofs

A home’s roof does more than just keep out the rain and snow! A rooftop in high-quality, great material shingles and different materials on a home’s rooftop offer numerous advantages by and large; look at a couple of those here so you realize why it’s great to put resources into rooftop fix costs regardless of the age of your home. 

  1. A home’s rooftop shields your warming and cooling from getting away consistently, while likewise blocking warmth and cold from outside. Missing, worn, or generally harmed material shingles can’t protect a home appropriately and, rather, let out your warming and cooling, spiking your service charges and making a truly awkward condition inside the house.
  2. The granules on shingles are intended to shield water from pooling on the rooftop, diminishing the danger of water harm. At the point when shingles are feeling the loss of those granules, your house is in danger of water breaks and resultant shape development.
  3. Missing, torn, or harmed shingles enable water and snow to pool on the home’s rooftop, frequently bringing about breaks and resultant water spills. 
  4. Material harm ordinarily deteriorates after some time with the goal that little splits and releases become bigger and lead to weaknesses along the inside rooftop rafters and joists. Bigger breaks and weaknesses can prompt inevitable rooftop breakdown! 
  5. Absent or harmed shingles that take into account water spills inside the home may prompt shape development along with the structure of a storage room or crawlspace. When shape starts to develop, it can spread quickly. Broad form development is unsafe for your wellbeing and is regularly costly and hard to clean appropriately. 
  6. As shingles get more seasoned and increasingly fragile or delicate and brittle, they will keep on splitting, split, and fall away from a rooftop. Overlooking required rooftop fixes now would then be able to prompt bigger fix charges once you do address those harmed material shingles. 
  7. A damaged rooftop cheapens a home’s general appearance and can make your whole house and property look rundown, obsolete, or generally worn and ratty. Another rooftop establishment can reestablish the presence of your home in a flash, and putting resources into required private rooftop fixes likewise guarantees that your property puts its best self forward by and large. 
  8. Another rooftop can improve your property’s general worth, while a rooftop that necessities broad fixes can some of the time bring down your home’s estimation. 
  9. Fixing a home’s rooftop presently guarantees that it’s in great condition on the off chance that you choose to sell your home not far off. You would then be able to bring a more significant expense for the house and abstain from making broad fixes before you put it available.

Homes with more up to date rooftops are likewise bound to sell, by and large, so your rooftop fixes become a selling moment that you’re prepared to list the house!

The Best and Worst Ways to Clean a Roof (The Dos and Don’ts)

In case you’re planning to clean your roof, odds are you’re searching for roof cleaning tips in light of the fact that your shingles are never again looking new and alluring.

On the off chance that your roof seems dim and stained in certain territories, you may imagine that form was created on the surfaces of the shingles.

Be that as it may, the dark streaks you’re seeing are truly provinces of blue-green growth.

On the off chance that you’re seeing thick, green fixes on your roof rather, at that point you have an algae issue, The north, west, and obscure territories of your roof are most defenseless to these dampness adoring disturbances. 

The Do’s & Don’ts of Cleaning a Roof

Dark Streaks On the Roof

Greenery and green growth spores are conveyed by the breeze or creatures from housetop to the roof, which is the reason whole neighborhoods are frequently influenced.

Greenery or algae can truly affect black-top shingle execution by making them twist up and pass over, in the long run bringing about holes.

While green or algae growth doesn’t really hurt your roof, it can affect its tasteful intrigue. Further, growing on your rooftop as often as possible to wipe off development CAN harm your rooftop and abbreviate its life expectancy by extricating the granules on your shingles.

Along these lines, it’s ideal to realize how to clean your rooftop appropriately with the goal that you guarantee you don’t need to do it over and over again. 

Knowing this, what are the most ideal approaches to clean a top of green growth and algae development? Well, it’s time to get our best rooftop cleaning tips! 


  • Use a weight washer, which can extricate shingles and genuinely harm your rooftop. 


  • Use a sprayer appended to a garden hose that is loaded up with a balance of chlorine dye and water. of clothing quality fluid chlorine dye and water.
  • This is the most ideal approach to clean a rooftop in the event that you have black-top shingles.
  • In the wake of splashing the rooftop with the blend, enable it to sit superficially for 15 to 20 minutes before washing completely with clean water. 


  • Ignore your scene and encompassing regions, which can be hurt by the detergent arrangement.


  • Wet plants and greenery altogether with plain water before covering them with plastic, at that point flush them again subsequent to utilizing the sanitizer arrangement on your rooftop. 


  • Assume the arrangement will promptly expel the development from your rooftop and apply the arrangement once more. 


  • Have persistence. The green growth will wash away during ensuing rainstorms, and greenery will, in the long run, slacken to the point where it very well may be evacuated with a leaf blower. 


  • Clean your rooftop on a bright day, which will make the detergent arrangement vanish too rapidly, restricting its purging impacts. 


  • Clean your rooftop on a shady, quiet day when the breeze isn’t blowing and there’s no risk of precipitation. 


  • Clean your rooftop without avoiding potential risks. 


  • Clean your rooftop simply subsequent to confirming that you can securely walk its surface.
  • In the event that the incline is excessively steep to effectively cross or if your home is more than one story, you should contract a genius.
  • On the off chance that you do get up on your rooftop, wear well-fitting shoes with slip-safe elastic soles and make certain to wear eye and skin assurance. 


  • Wait until your rooftop is canvassed in green growth or greenery to make a move. 


  • Trim back overhanging branches to open the rooftop to daylight, and clear flotsam and jetsam, for example, branches and leaves, from its surfaces with a leaf blower if necessary.
  • Keep drains clean to guarantee rooftops stay as dry as could be expected under the circumstances. 

Since you realize the most ideal approaches to clean a rooftop, make certain to pursue these rules cautiously. Note that our rooftop cleaning tips apply for black-top shingles.

Now and again rooftops are past cleaning or the cleaning uncovers other, increasingly major, issues.

On the off chance that that is your circumstance to hire an expert to reconstruct roofing and general contracting, so why are you waiting for call today at  (214) 325-8987 and we’ll assess your rooftop for nothing and talk about your choices.

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