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The roof of your house or office has a certain lifeline. No matter how much durable material you are using, it eventually starts shattering, and after a while, you need to completely replace it.

Now, it’s evident that you frequently need to replace the roof of your house or office. Still, you would definitely not want to keep replacing it in every six months or a year. Instead, you need a roof repair contractor who can ensure that your house or office lasts for many years.

Reconstruct Roofing & General Contracting is exactly the type of roofing repair contractor in Dallas & Fortworth that you are looking for. We are a popular roof repair and constructing firm that has a popular name for roof replacement services. We can assure that the roof of your home is durable, sturdy, and can withstand rain, storm, or any harsh weather.

Here are some other perks of contacting us for roof replacement:

Free Roof Inspection

When you contact us, we conduct thorough inspections of the roof of your home/office to see if we just need to repair a certain part of your roof or replace the whole roof. It’s only after proper analysis we decide what’s best for you.

Experienced Team

We have a team of experts who have experience in replacing thousands of house and office roofs in their career span. They will never disappoint you.

Available 24×7

We are here to help at any hour of the day. Give us a call and within a few minutes, we will reach out to you and schedule an appointment.

So, hurry up and contact us right now.

Just give us a call at 214-325-8987 and schedule an appointment. We will even get your house roof inspected for free.


Get Free Roof Inspection

If you would like a free home inspection, call the office today. We can set up an appointment to get your roof inspected, giving you peace of mind about the status of your roof.

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