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Storm Damage Repair Contractors in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX

Severe storms may turn out to be devastating, as they leave behind damaged homes, businesses, roads, and other properties. Also, the damaged property becomes highly vulnerable to different types of damages that you can’t even think of.

For instance, strong winds tend to cause secondary damage to the interior of your home, as the windows are broken and the roof is partially exposed.  At Reconstruct Roofing and General Contracting, we cater to the safety of our clients and their properties. We offer a quick response to every storm damage emergency.

Storm damage requires immediate action; hence, make sure to contact the best storm damage repair contractors in Dallas. Our fully operational and reliable damage restoration company can provide you all types of storm damage repair services that you’ll need.

How we respond

Natural calamities like storm, hail, and rain can cause severe damage to your home. Usually, winds cause maximum damage to your home in terms of affecting its structural stability. Here at Reconstruct Roofing and General Contractor, we offer the best storm damage repair services in Dallas.storm damage dallas

We make sure that our team will respond to every storm damage emergency. The process of cleanup, water extraction, and storm damage repair starts almost immediately without any further delay.

Our technicians and damage repair experts are capable of dealing with everything, including cleaning, tree removal, roof repair and more.

At first, we visit your home to analyze the degree of the damage. After a close and thorough inspection, we offer our storm damage estimate. Besides the visual inspection, our team also assists you to prepare essential documentation and can take care of your insurance claim.

Our vigilant and experienced team will quickly respond to your call. Initially, we clean up water, clear hazardous debris, and dry dampened areas of your home. After the dry-out is over, the process of restoration starts immediately.

We offer dedicated services to our valued customers, right from the initial inspection to the finishing touches. Our fast recovery plan not only saves time and money but also ensures peace of mind.

Best Storm Damage Repair Contractors in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX

When it comes to storm damage repair in Dallas, there is no better option than Reconstruct Roofing and General Contracting.

  • Partial home/business roof repair
  • Complete roof restoration
  • Roof Tarping
  • Wind Damage and Hail Damage Repair
  • Tree Removal from the Site
  • Water Removal and Complete Cleanup

Storm Damage Repair Services in Dallas: How it works

After visiting the site, we offer a 360-degree inspection survey. We look for even minor signs of damage by thoroughly inspecting the whole property. The report submitted is complete and covers every aspect of your home. This helps to analyze the level of damage that your home has received after a storm or other natural calamity.

In case of roof or window exposure, we initially offer temporary window-board up and roof tarping services. If a large amount of water is accumulated in the home, we make sure to extract all of it. With a view to dry out the home completely, we use industrial-grade dehumidifiers and fans to remove the moisture.

  • We return your home or business to its pre-loss conditions by offering extensive repair services
  • We prevent mold growth and other infections by spraying anti-microbial agents
  • we can assist you regarding the filing of your storm damage insurance claim

Since we are the best storm damage repair contractors in Dallas, you can expect the following top-notch services from us.

Flood Removal Services: Storms can end up causing flooding. When this occurs, the water becomes stagnant, making it highly contaminated and unsanitary. With our flood clean up services, you can save your family or employees from anticipated health hazards. We clean and sanitize homes/businesses to restore them to pre-damage condition.

24/7 Storm Damage Repair Services in Dallas

Our storm damage repair services are available 24/7. Whenever an unfortunate incident occurs, and your business or home suffers severe damage, feel free to contact our experienced and highly professional team.

If you’re interested in storm damage assistance and restoration for your home, call us today at 214-325-8987 or click below to get started.

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